Getting dressed should be the simplest part of your morning routine, starting with
the essentials.

We’re a community of women who believe a bra that inspires us to celebrate our true selves can carry us into our day with unwavering confidence. 

We believe that by supporting each other, we rise as a whole. That by owning our uniqueness, we become grounded in our self-worth. 

We believe it’s our responsibility to stand in alignment with Mother Earth. To live within our means, repurpose more, and invest only with the intention to waste less.

A letter from our founder

The idea for Esra came to mind many years ago, between endless aisles of bras that didn’t fit my figure and a desire to help women feel confident, supported, and seen.

As a size 34H, I found myself walking past fully-stocked department store racks of bras that didn’t come in my size. I struggled to find a flattering and comfortable bra with or without underwire. Over time, I began to realize I was navigating my life based on how I could cover up and minimize the size of my breasts.

Then my daughter Nyah came into the world and while navigating the fourth trimester, I  put on a nursing bra for the first time and my heart sank. In that moment, I knew I couldn’t be the only woman who felt restricted by the sizes and styles of bras available, nursing or not. Postpartum is hard enough to navigate, the last thing any woman should have to worry about is her bra. 

Finding a truly comfortable, supportive, and well-designed bra shouldn’t be difficult for women who embody so many important roles in the world. Women who want to celebrate life and nurture their children without feeling limited—especially by something as seemingly simple as a bra. 

Every woman should feel empowered, supported, and celebrated—never forced to fit into what’s available on a department store rack. So I set out to redesign the way women experience their essentials, starting with the bra. 

I began researching, designing, and sampling fabrics with my vision for a size-inclusive brand in mind. And the more I learned about the fashion industry as a whole, the more my eyes opened to the true cost of fast fashion. I saw the detrimental impact on the environment and heart-breaking exploitation of the human beings who create garments for the world. 

I started to trust that there was another way, a better way, to make garments that truly support all women and our planet, collectively. I began carefully choosing each step of our manufacturing process with purpose. This meant breaking away from the linear economy employed by mainstream fashion companies and creating a completely transparent closed-loop company that takes full responsibility for each garment, from its conception to repairs and recycling. 

The mission of Esra is to support and celebrate all women and individuals—of all identities, ages, races, body types, and sexual preferences—through every season of life. Mother Earth included. 

Welcome to Esra. You fit right in, just as you are. 

I'm so glad you are here,